Memories Of Now is a multimedia digital artwork by Daniel Dorobantu
and Michaela Konrad.

It is designed to be experienced as autonomous installation, live
performance system, animation or anywhere in between. It was shown for
the very first time at the NextComic Festival 2010 in the Deep Space
of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz (AT). Starting with the
NextComic Festival in March 2011, it is one of the permanent Deep
Space presentations, offering a new episode every 6 months.

Memories Of Now proposes a series of scenarios placed in the infinity
of space and a number of nonlocalized planets, suspended metaphors of
regular determinations of existence.

At the heart of these scenarios is the woman-cosmonaut Olga and her mini-epic space story. It's a parallel world where the only possible events are the inner adventures of the mind, consciousness and tribulations of emotional drama. With a broad and everchanging atmosphere of sounds and visuals, Memories Of Now is a multi-faceted, chameleonic comic strip that goes beyond linear storytelling and invites the user to create his/her own narrative.

Michaela Konrad lives as a freelance artist in Vienna and in Santa Cruz (Tenerife). She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Centro de Grabado Contemporaneo in Tenerife; she got her grafic art education from the illustrator Tommi Kuehberger.

Since 2003 she has been working on her comicArt serials SPACELOVE and HOMAGE TO PICASSO, which have been shown in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Austria, Spain, Germany and Romania. Because of her exhibition "Comic Impacts Art" in the Museum of Fine Arts in Timisoara (2008), she started to work with Daniel Dorobantu.

The Spacelove serials can be found on her website.
Multimedia artist based in Timisoara (Romania) where he also studied computer sciences, performs and releases electronic music since 1995.

Producing his own audio-visual art as well as collaborating with a wide range of dedicated people in the field, he expanded into performing arts and installations in the recent years.

His audio-visual works and performances are exhibited on the artist website.
Eugen Neacsu performs live, mainly as a Vj for the Memories of Nowproject. He also offers video support for the project, through motion graphics and digital compositing.

The year 2010 marks the birth of his motion & graphic design studio identified as Intermotional, Inc. He currently lives and works in Timisoara (Romania).

His work archive can be found visiting his studio website.